“Atlanta in Motion” by Georgia Tech Research Institute

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    Atlanta in Motion

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  • Georgia Tech Research Institute


    Control algorithms are applied to a physically realistic model of humans to compute the motion of athletes as they run,dive, vault, bicycle, lift weights, and perform on the uneven bars and rings. The Motion of the splash created by the diver and the sweat-pants worn by the runner are also dynamically simulated.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Jessica Hodgins, Debbie Carlson, Wayne Wooten
    Dynamic simulations: David Brogan, Debbie Carlson, David Cardoze, Jessica Hodgins, Eun Jae Lee, Ron Metoyer, James O’Brien, Wayne Wooten, Victor Zordan
    Models: Don Allison, Debbie Carlson, Derek Dintzner, Jeremy Heiner, En Jae Lee, Thomas Meyer, James O’Brien, Gus Wartenberg, Wayne Wooten, Victor Zorda
    Sound: Jack Freeman, Wayne Wooten
    Rendering software: Debbie Carlson, Ron Metoyer, Thomas Meyer, Matthew Pease, Wayne Wooten
    Artistic direction: Robin Braumberger, Rebecca Sponga
    Special thanks to: the CAD
    Systems Department at the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Randy Carpenter, Terry Countrymen, Dan Forsyth, David Leonard, Peter Wan, the Medical Informatics Group, and the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center

Animation / Video Overview: