“Shell Oil, Dance Fever” by R/Greenberg Associates

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    Shell Oil, Dance Fever

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • R/Greenberg Associates


    Dance Fever was achieved with a combination of new technologies and classical techniques. The animation was performed with “traditional” computer animation and used traditional cel character animation in the design stage. No motion capture was used. The environment is a virtual CGset. Custom flare software was developed in-house.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: Bob Swenson
    Executive Producer: Nancy Bernstein
    CG Director: Mark Voelpel
    CG Designer: Sylvain Moreau
    Lead CG Animators: Doug Johnson. Sean Curran, Steve Blakely, Fred Nilsson, Edip Agi
    Lead CG Artists: Irene Kim, Rafael Castelblanco, Ed Manning
    CG Artists: Bart Dority, Scott Prior, Jason Strougo
    Technical Director: Sylvain Moreau
    CG Coordinator: Leslie Schor
    Custom software: Henry Kaufman, Daniel Reznick

Animation / Video Overview: