“The End” by Landreth

  • ©Christopher (Chris) Landreth  Alias | Wavefront





    The End


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Alias | Wavefront


    A narrative exercise in subversion, pretension, furtive montage, and mixed metaphors

Additional Contributors:

    Directed and animated by: Chris Landreth
    Sound and original music: Robin Bargar
    Written by: Chris Landreth and Robin Bargar
    Voices: Gina Clayton, Jeff Hirschfield
    Dancers: Wynne Fricke, Bob Zehr
    Produced at Alias/Wavefront
    Animators: Jeff Bell, Duncan Brinsmead, Kevin Picott
    Modelers: lan Hayden, Don Harper, Chuck Tappan, Ming Mah, Gary Mundell
    Offline editing: Tom Burns (with Eric Moncrieff and Daniel Roizman)
    Production Coordinator: Andy Jones
    Render Coordinators: Bob Prentice, Joe Spampinato
    Motion capture produced at Windlight Studios
    Chief Motion Capture
    Animator: Joan Staveley
    Online editing at YTV Studios
    Editor: Tony Meone
    Sound integration at ICE Communications
    Soundtrack Production Coordinator: Simon Edwards
    Animation software: Alias
    Power Animator V7.0
    Sound software produced at: National Center for Supercomputing Applications
    Special Thanks to: Kevin Tureski, Venu Venugopal Rob Burgess, Scott Dyer, Pam Lehm, Jeff Faust, Tom Rudman

Animation / Video Overview: