“Judge Dredd” by MASS ILLUSION




    Judge Dredd

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    High-Resolution computer generated vehicles, vistas, and synthetic characters bring the futuristic world of Judge Dredd’s Mega City One to life. Computer-generated elements incorporating motion blur, lens flares, and motion capture were digitally composited with detailed motion control model/miniature and live action photography to make this world a reality.

Additional Contributors:

    Produced by: MASS.ILLUSION
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Joel Hynek
    Visual Effects Producer: Diane Pearlman
    Visual Effects Coordinator: Joan Collins
    Digital VFX Supervisor/Software Designer: Serge Sretchinsky
    VFX Art Director: Robert U. Taylor
    Asst. VFX Supervisor: John Gaeta
    Computer Graphics: Kleiser-Walczak
    Construction Company CGI Supervisors: Jeff Kleiser & Diana Walczak
    KWC CGI Producer: Anezka Sebek
    KWC Production Manager: Tim Baker Rowell
    KWC Head of Software: Frank Vitz
    KWC Animators: Eileen O’Neill, Randy Bauer, Jeffery A. Williams, Christina Hills, Mike Perry, Talmage Watson
    KWC Lighting: Luc Genevriez, Rae Long, Christian Foucher, Xavier Duval, Pascal Nicot, Philippe Lalouette, Jean Baptiste Lere, Jean Francois Rivier
    KWC Systems Admin: Joe Hall
    Additional KWC CGI Support: Mary Nelson, Greg Juby, Michael Moore, Robin Francis, Scott Lord, Daniel Klem, Kristin Coppola, Patrick Mooney, Santo C. Ragno, Jeffrey M. Taggart, Lori Frederick
    MASS.ILLUSION: Digital VFX Animators: Nick Brooks, Deborah Wiltman, Pam Auditore, Peter Plevritis
    PreVis/in-house CGI Supervisor: Colin Green
    PreVis Designers: William McCoy, Mike Schmitt
    System Admin: Rusy Case, Richard Duquette
    Technical Assistants: Peter Chesloff, Al Aumenta, John Wright, Sergey Yantovsky
    Editorial: Jennifer Wollan
    Production: Carrie Owens, Heather Sands
    Models Supervisor: Eric Chamberlain
    Motion-control Photography: David Stewart, David Hardberger, Harry Alpert, Dwayne McClintock
    Additional CGI by: Digital Fauxtography, Topix, Los Angeles, Amalgamated Pixels, Cinemotion Pictures, Inc.

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