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    Kathy received a BFA in Motion Picture Production, with a minor in Computer Science, from Wright State University in Ohio and began her career as a Curriculum Development Analyst at the NCR Corporation. In 1985, Kathy began working for Robert Abel and Associates as a Technical Director and Manager of the Modeling Department. At Abel’s, Kathy worked on award winning spots such as Hawaiian Punch’s “Chain Reaction” and the Benson and Hedges “Gold” Series. In 1987, Kathy joined Rhythm and Hues as a Technical Director, and three years later she was head of the new Modeling Department. Kathy has animated and lighted numerous projects, including the Emmy Award winning Station ID for KTLA, the “Galaxy’s Child” episode of “Star Trek: the Next generation” and the visual effects scenes for the feature “Stay Tuned.” She is currently a CG supervisor, having supervised the Circlevision film “From time to Time” for EuroDisneyland, the motion base ride “Seafari” for MCA Universal, and sequences for the feature “Batman Forever.”  

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