“Cityspace” by Vella, Conn, Thompson, Cederwall, Damiano, et al. …

  • ©Zane Vella, Coco Conn, Jim Thompson, Chris Cederwall, Jim Damiano, and David T. Goldberg




Program Title:

    SIGKids Interactive Communities



    CitySpace is an international networking project that invites young people from across the Internet to construct and explore a virtual city environment. The installation consists of a networked, interactive theatre in which visitors navigate the imaginary city and construct new buildings, vehicles, characters, and other creations.

    SIGGRAPH 95 attendees are able to interact and explore CitySpace simultaneously with online visitors from around the world. The project is designed to help young people ages 10-16 develop network communication and computer graphics skills.

Other Information:

    The CitySpace project thanks:

    Silicon Graphics, Inc., the
    Electronic Visualization
    Laboratory of the University of
    Illinois at Chicago, USENIX,
    The Exploratorium, and the
    Ontario Science Centre.

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