“Intro to Video and Audio Compression Techniques” by Daniel, Bailey, Cook and Jawerth

  • ©Andy Daniel, Doug Bailey, Perry R. Cook, and Bjorn Jawerth



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    Intro to Video and Audio Compression Techniques

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    Still imagery, motion video, and high quality audio are being increasingly commonplace in today’s computers. These data types, however, have extremely large data requirements, especially in the case of motion video. Due in part to storage limitations and in part to transmission bandwidth limitations, such data must generally be compressed in order to be stored or transmitted. This compression results in some degradation of image or audio quality, but careful use of compression techniques can maximize the compression ratio while minimizing the perceptual loss in quality. 

    This course begins with an overview of compression and digital color, detailing some of the techniques that are common to many compression algorithms. Techniques are separated and analyzed independently. Following this introduction, significant detail is given on current and upcoming compression algorithms in audio and video compression, including JPEG, MPEG, wavelets, and vector quantization.  


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