“Advanced Techniques for Scientific Visualization” by Crawfis, Hansen, Max, Nielson and Schroeder

  • ©Roger Crawfis, Charles (Chuck) Hansen, Nelson L. Max, Gregory M. Nielson, and William (Will) J. Schroeder



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    Advanced Techniques for Scientific Visualization

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    Welcome to the SIGGRAPH ’95 course on Advanced Techniques for Scientific Visualization. The goal of this course and these notes is to provide a greater depth of understanding of the most recent and useful trends in scientific visualization.

    The course consists of five interchangeable parts: The reduction of the number of triangles generated from three-dimensional isocontours; Extensions to volume rendering for greater accuracy, irregular mesh topologies, and multiple-
    scattering; Vector field visualization techniques; Advanced techniques for multi-
    variate representations; and Algorithms and issues associated with parallel rendering on massively parallel machines. Each section contains a set of specially crafted course notes and several reference papers.

    The SIGGRAPH ’95 Course Notes CD-ROM also includes several Quick-
    time and MPEG movies to help illustrate the points, and of course includes color imagery with most of the reference papers. Sample source for volume rendering,
    source for several Open Inventor C++ classes and several Explorer modules are
    also included. Please explore it, we hope you will find it to be a valuable tool.
    The field of scientific visualization continues to evolve. If there is one thing in common the materials presented here address, it is the ingestion and representation of very large multi-valued data sets.

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