“Graphics Design and Production for Hemispheric Proiection” by Lantz, Hutton, Savage and Ward

  • ©Ed Lantz, Mike Hutton, Steve Savage, and Chris Ward



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    Graphics Design and Production for Hemispheric Proiection

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    Walk-in immersive displays offer advantages over flat-screen and HMD technologies including group viewing, wide field of view, and high resolution without cumbersome headgear. Images reproduced on a domed screen provide a spherical perspective which best matches our spatial perception. This course presents techniques for producing graphics for hemispheric projection in planetaria, omni theaters, simulators, and other advanced hemispheric environments. Topics include the evolution of hemispheric theaters, technical overview of domed projection systems and environments, spherical perspective projections, and the integration of hemispheric multi-image, film, video, and laser graphics to create the illusion of presence.  


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