Chris Ward

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  • SIGGRAPH1995

    Mr. Ward is President of Lightspeed Design, Inc. a leading laser display company that serves museums, amusement parks, and attractions. He is supported by Art Director, Bob Mueller who provides Lightspeed’s primary artistic inspiration and Casey Stack, current Chairman of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) Technical Standards Committee. Recent projects include the Nintendo 3-D Laser Dome, Grand Casino’s Biloxi Theater, St. Louis and Liberty Science Centers. Mr. Ward’s art staff has received over 25 ILDA Awards, including 13 first place  entries. His latest project, “The Illuminated Brain”, combines 3-D laser graphics, computer graphics, and biomedical imaging to take museum visitors on a tour through the human brain. Mr. Ward has over eight years of experience in the laser display industry, and is an officer in ILDA.  

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