“Venturer S-2” by Cruz Jr.

  • ©Antonio Cruz Jr.



Entry Number: 12


    Venturer S-2

Program Title:

    Interactive Entertainment


Project Affiliation:

    Thomson Entertainment Systems


    The power of illusion is immense. Sit any group in front of a big screen and show them a point-of-view film – say, from a racing car – and very rapidly they become disoriented. They actually start leaning with the g-forces or bracing themselves for braking and acceleration. Add real motion cues, which correlate exactly with the visual input, and the brain and body are both quite easily fooled. The illusion, in fact, is complete: viewers feel like they are actually riding the vehicle.

    The techniques and technologies behind these illusions have been proven. Experienced airline pilots, for example, can imagine that a flight simulator fixed to the ground is a real aircraft flying through the air. This approach is also at the heart of many of the world’s most successful entertainment attractions. It allows the public to experience thrills, excitement, and fantasy rides they could only dream of in the real world.

    Venturer S-2 is a safe and flexible entertainment attraction that takes up to 14 people on a thrill or fantasy ride of a lifetime. It integrates acceleration and g-forces to form a high-performance three-axis motion system with a point-of-view image displayed on a big screen and enhanced by CD-quality sound. The system is backed by an extensive library of software, all produced to full broadcast video standards and displayed using the latest CRV laser-disc technology.


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