Brad Geagley

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  • SIGGRAPH1995

    Brad Geagley is the Executive Producer of Entertainment Software within Magnet’s consumer applications. Previously, Brad worked for Walt Disney Feature Animation as a Producer of the Florida Animation Studio Tour Designing and implementing an interactive retrieval system for Disney Feature Animation Archives, he created a database for over 30 million pieces of original Disney art. At Disney Imagineering he designed and produced two interactive pavilions, “Astroport, the IBM Post Star Tours Show” for Euro-Disney and the “AT&T Post Show Exhibit,” a hands-on tour of the Information Super-Highway, scheduled to open at Epcot in 1995. Prior to Disney, Brad was an educational script writer/designer  on the Intellivision line for Mattel Electronics. He has produced and written and designed multiple CD-ROM titles for such clients as Warner New Media, G&G Interactive, and Pacific Interactive.  


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