“Programming Open Inventor: An Obiect Oriented OpenGL Toolkit” by Mott, Enderton, Gregory, Heck, Strauss, et al. …

  • ©David Mott, Eric Enderton, Eric Gregory, Michael (Mike) Heck, Paul S. Strauss, and Tim Wiegand



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    Programming Open Inventor: An Obiect Oriented OpenGL Toolkit

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    Open Inventor is an object-oriented 3D graphics toolkit built on OpenGL. Inventor provides a framework for the development of interactive 3D graphics applications. Besides rendering support through OpenGL, Inventor provides built-in mechanisms for scene construction, event handling, picking, direct 3D manipulation, animation, data monitoring, bounding box computation, attribute searching, file reading and writing, attribute editing, scene viewing, as well as a run-time hierarchical type system. Inventor is designed to be window system neutral, and interfaces for X and Windows exist today. This course will show how to write interactive 3D graphics applications using 9Pen Inventor by detailing aspects of the Inventor programming interface and demonstrating the use of Inventor in real-world applications.  


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