“Perception-Based Visualization” by Levkowitz, Eick and Rheingans

  • ©Haim Levkowitz, Stephen G. Eick, and Penny Rheingans



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    Perception-Based Visualization

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    Basic understanding of computer graphics and imaging concepts.

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    Visualization researchers, scientists, engineers, visualization systems developers, and users will learn the mechanisms of human perception and how they can improve visualizations.

    To teach visualization researchers and practitioners the basics of visual perception. To tie this general perception understanding to the task of developing more effective

    Visualization is an emerging discipline in its infancy. As such, it is based more on examples and anecdotes that are often detached from scientific theory. As researchers and practitioners address the increasing demands for visualization, they find the need to relate the theory to human perception. This is becoming perhaps the major requirement for producing effective, information-conveying visualizations. This course introduces the foundations of perception as related to visualization, illustrates their usage with examples and case studies, and thereby prepares researchers and practitioners to develop perception-based visualizations and thus to improve their effectiveness. Engineers and scientists taking the class will learn how to create, build, and critique visualizations that take advantage of, and thus enhance, users’ perception of the data.  



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