“New Methods, New Artforms: 3D Applications in Sculpture” Moderated by Barbara Mones

  • ©Kenneth Snelson, Rita Starpattern, Sally Weber, Charles A. Csuri, and Tony Longson



Entry Number: 08


    New Methods, New Artforms: 3D Applications in Sculpture




    Many artists use computer modeling and animation tools for creating, editing, and presenting sculptural works. Some artists design for the 3D virtual space others use computers to control 3D output devices to create holograms and other illusory 3D environmental works. Stereolithography and other new technologies offer artists output devices to enhance, extend, and enrich 3D visual communication. 

    Panelists discuss the effect computers have in the development of new artforms and their views on potential directions, including collaborative works, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary projects, and curriculum revisions in sculpture education. 


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