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  • SIGGRAPH 1998 Jury Statement

    The jurying process has a life of its own. As a juror, I came into the meeting with a vision of what I hoped the  Electronic Theater would be, but it was not until all the work was seen that we really had a sense of what this particular theater could be. Each year’s Electronic Theater is unique, the timbre defined by its contributors and their work. It is not until the pieces are viewed as a group that the show begins to coalesce, the sum being greater than, and dependent upon, each individual piece.  This year’s Electronic Theater is distinguished by the breadth of the work  presented. The content of the film and video portion of the show is indicative of how the field of computer graphics has matured. Alongside the commercial work, the technical and the visualization pieces, we also have pieces that explore the themes of what makes us human. From humorous to quirky to poignant, from the most intense heightened colors to subtle shades of black, white, and gray, from highly rendered to seamless compositing to hand-drawn, this show covers the spectrum. In addition, there are a number of works that are being presented live, on-site, truly making this an event that can only be experienced in person. We are seeing the lines between computer graphics and the performing arts dissolve. The presentation of discovery and exploration is what keeps SIGGRAPH and the Electronic Theater truly alive. I am privileged to have participated in the coming together of such extraordinary elements. It is the culmination of the hard work of the Computer Animation Festival committee, of the effort my fellow jurors, and most importantly, the vision of Ines. It is my hope that you, the audience, will laugh and cry and ponder, and ultimately be inspired to reach for new horizons in your own work. 

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