Welcome to the SIGGRAPH 94 Electronic Theater, a celebration of outstanding computer animation created during the past year.  We received 460 entries from 23 countries, totaling over 22 hours of viewing material. From this material, 32 pieces were selected for this year’s show. Audience participation returns to the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 94 with the premier of Loren Carpenter’s latest generation of the Cinematrix Interactive Entertainment System. The Electronic Theater audience  interacts with real-time stereo- scopic, high-definition images as  the computer interprets the position of their wands. Another first  for the Electronic Theater is the  presentation of computer animation in stereoscopic HDTV.  We are very fortunate to present  two works of historical significance that have not been publicly  shown in IO years. Ed Catmull left the University of Utah 20 years ago and founded the Computer Graphics Lab at the New York Institute of Technology; the lab dosed its doors in 1992. The NYIT reel capped the SIGGRAPH 84  Electronic Theater, and in retro- spect, this may have been the  high-water mark for animation from NYIT. This year’s show includes two segments from that  historic reel: Ned Greene’s animation cycle of a labyrinth of vines and Dick Lundin’s celebrated animation of the mechanical  ant from “The Works.” We are grateful to Ned Greene for making this footage available.  The work in the SIGGRAPH 94 Electronic Theater is united by a common vision shared by the jury and ourselves, and we hope you enjoy the presentation as much as we enjoyed putting it all together.  

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