“SIGGRAPH 94 Course Notes CD-ROM”, 1994

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  • ©SIGGRAPH 94 Course Notes CD-ROM


    SIGGRAPH 94 Course Notes CD-ROM




    This disk is provided as part of ACM SIGGRAPH’s electronic publication program. It is the electronic version of the SIGGRAPH 94 Convention course notes and related files provided by course authors. Tools are included which will allow you to access files on the disk, including PDF files created by the Adobe® Acrobat™ system and QuickTime TM movies. Please examine the README.FDB file. It tells how to provide feedback so that we can refine our electronic publications and serve you better.

    The README_S folder, at the top level of the disk, contains explanatory files about the disk contents. It includes information about which course subjects are in the COURSEnn directories, installation information and general support information. The disc is generally organized by course. Each course has folders containing course notes: PDF format (PDF), imagery (IMAGERY), QuickTime™ movies (MOVIES), slides (SLIDES), code (CODE), and read me files (README). One or more folders may be in a course subdirectory. Absence of a subdirectory indicates the absence of that type of information for the course. The applications directory (APPS) contains the Acro­bat™ and QuickTime™ readers for Macintosh® and Microsoft® Windows™. Use these applications to examine the PDF (* .pdf) and QuickTimeTM (* .mov) movies in each course subdirectory.

    Figures are in the formats provided by the authors. Imagery is in a variety of formats, including TIFF, PostScript™, EPS and JPEG. There are no readers for these image formats; however, the formats should be accessible to a wide range of display software on most systems. All contents on this disk are the property of the authors. In order to use them in any other work, you must obtain permission from the appropriate author.

    Contributors to this CD-ROM include Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, PLI, and Sterling Software: NASA Ames Division.

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