“Guerrilla Gallery” by Johnson

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    Guerrilla Gallery

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    The Edge



    Guerrilla Gallery is a working atelier that provides a rich interactive experience for works-on-paper artists and the entire SIGGRAPH community. The gallery features a fully equipped imaging studio, in which artists can produce digital prints from their own files. Studio equipment features an IRIS ink jet printer operating from a Macintosh platform. Other peripheral equipment facilitates the exploration process.

    Artists have the opportunity to talk with service bureau and manufacturing representatives as they work. This will provide a much-needed venue for discussion of the technical aspects of translation from image file to digital fine art edition. Attendees from other disciplines will also have the opportunity to interact with artists, which should foster a new level of appreciation and understanding within the community.

    Artists work independently and collaboratively in the gallery, conduct ongoing communication about their works in progress, and return “high-touch” to “high-tech” through experimental works from digital prints. One of the most important aspects of the gallery will be its function as a meeting place, where SIGGRAPH 94 artists can hold ongoing dialogue about their work. The need for this exchange was established at SIGGRAPH 93 during a week-long series of stimulating Birds-of-a-Feather meetings on topics ranging from digital printing methods to marketing. Works-on-paper artists were able to share entire bodies of work and discuss technical and aesthetic questions. Maryann Doe of Harvest Productions presented illuminating insights on the role of the fine-art service bureau. Question-and-answer sessions with manufacturers and developers were invaluable. The Guerrilla Gallery is based on suggestions and encouragement from artists who attended these sessions.

    The Guerrilla Gallery offers a series of similar presentations at The Edge. Scheduled portfolio and slide presentations by selected artists provide inspiration and a springboard for conversation about art making. Though digital prints are not a new idea, works-on-paper artists are still challenged by questions regarding the legitimacy of digital prints as limited editions. The Guerrilla Gallery provides a forum for discussing reservations about the digital edition and other topical questions.

    Activities in the studio include

    • Atelier sessions using the equipment provided to produce digital prints
    • “Artists Talk on Art” sessions with portfolio and slide presentations of works in progress.
    • Discussion of standards and documentation requirements for digital fine art editions.
    • Question-and-answer sessions with manufacturers and service bureaus designed to answer the unique questions fine artists have about the digital printing process.
    • Experimental printing workshops to expand the artists’ scope and vision.

    Guerrilla Gallery activities are planned and scheduled by Pat Johnson in collaboration with Alan Jones of IRIS Graphics and Dorothy Krause of the Massachusetts College of Art.


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