“Guerrilla Gallery” by Johnson

  • ©Patricia (Pat) Johnson

  • ©Patricia (Pat) Johnson


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    Guerrilla Gallery

Program Title:

    Digital Bayou



    For the last three years, the Guerrilla Gallery has provided a rich interactive experience for works-on-paper artists and the entire SIGGRAPH community. This working atelier is a digital imaging studio, with manufacturer-donated equipment on which image makers can experiment using their own files.

    Though digital printing is not a new idea, we are still challenged by the technical complexity and aesthetic questions that arise when attempting the conversion from digital file to digital print. Most significantly, the Guerrilla Gallery is a place of “common ground” where image makers from all fields can share the excitement of an open studio environment. This is truly a crossroads, where the science and art communities meet and merge their mutual concerns.

    This year’s studio features Summagraphics and WACOM tablets and a full range of printers. Color Xerox systems are sponsored by Radius/ Splash. Jon Cone of Cone Editions Press again provides his expertise in the IRIS printing area. Showcased technology includes the large-format ENCAD printer, which accepts a wide range of papers, and the Alpha Mercs Phase Change Printer, which prints liquid wax with an encaustic effect on any surface up to .75 inches thick and 4 feet by 8 feet. Under the supervision of the “Unique Editions Artists Collaborative,” Guerrilla Gallery visitors collaborate on a work to be printed on the Alpha Mercs at full size at the end of the workshop. Access to Guerrilla Gallery equipment is scheduled daily on a first-come, first-served basis.


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