“Guerilla VR” by Anstey

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  • ©Josephine Anstey

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    Guerilla VR

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    DIgital Pavilion

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Project Affiliation:

    Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago


    Two roving ImmersaDesks travel throughout SIGGRAPH 98 to:

    • Demonstrate networked virtual environments in the Orange County Convention Center
    • Run “multi-way” networked environments connected to users at remote sites.
    • Showcase stand-alone, interactive, VR projects.

    The virtual worlds in Guerilla VR present participatory narratives; push technical limitations to create lush, almost tangible imagery; and launch users into net- worked interaction with other people.

    Among other applications, Guerilla VR features:

    • Asteroid A-612, an application that allows several remotely located participants to simultaneously explore a very small planet. It is designed to help teach children that the world is round by allowing them to explore a world that is much more obviously spherical than our own.

    • Dimension World, which uses the three dimensions of VR to teach about hypercubes and 4D math. The instructor is remotely located.

    • The Thing Growing, where a participant in one location interacts with a virtual character while, in another location, another participant influences the character’s behavior and the progression of the virtual story.

    The Electronic Visualization Laboratory’s goals are to demonstrate the feasibility of flexible, accessible VR; increase the number and kinds of people who can be exposed to this medium; and demonstrate its viability and vitality in an ever-increasing variety of institu- tions, public areas, and private spaces. We are also interested in demonstrat- ing the possibilities of using the next generation of the Internet to create collaborative virtual spaces for work and play.

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