“Gesture VR: Gesture Interface to Spatial Reality” by Segen

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    Gesture VR: Gesture Interface to Spatial Reality

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    DIgital Pavilion

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    Bell Laboratories


    Gesture VR: Gesture Interface to Spatial Reality

    Bell Laboratories

    In this demonstration, users interact with spatial simulations by means of
    a novel hand gesture recognition inter- face technology developed at Bell Labs. A freely moving, gloveless
    hand is the sole input device. Image sequences of the user’s hand
    motions, acquired by video cameras, are processed by a computer program that recognizes gestures and calculates the hand’s parameters. This information is used for precise control of navigation in 3D space, for grasping and moving objects on the screen, or to provide a new kind of interface in video games. Users fly through the Yosemite Valley by pointing in 3D; they “grasp” and move objects to compose 3D scenes; they play a video game (such as Doom) in which a character is directed by hand pointing, and game actions are triggered by gestures.

    This interactive experience has a very natural feel. GestureVR makes control of complex actions in 3D space very intuitive and simple. Its natural feel and spontaneity are supported by the unique technical qualities of its response time, precision, and robustness.

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