“underscore” by Underkoffler

  • ©John Underkoffler




Program Title:

    DIgital Pavilion

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    MIT Media Lab


    Hearing music: we know this sort of thing well. Looking at music: there is such a thing as that, but we know it not nearly so well. The one is effortless, you say, egalitarian, accessible to everyone, easy as Play and Pause and Volume. The other is difficult, you assert, specialized, intended for men of bowties and repute, fraught with Staff and Clef and Motif.

    But if, you then muse: if there were some kind of artificial bowtie that you could apply, one that led you through a printed score in synchrony with its aural performance and in a way that always made clear the relationship of the seen to the heard…

    If, you ponder: if it let you navigate this music, not just with PLAY and PAUSE and REW and FF but also by swooping and diving, peering forward and back, piloting through the score as if above a landscape of notes…

    If, you mull: if it gave you breadcrumb- like markers to drop so you could find your way back to the best parts, if it let you create excerpts, if it ran on SGI hardware, if it above all venerated the beauty of musical typography…

    Well, then…

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