“CIMBLE: A Collaborative Learning Environment” by Wagner

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  • ©Edward Wagner



    CIMBLE: A Collaborative Learning Environment

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    DIgital Pavilion

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    Franklin Institute


    CIMBLE (CADETT Interactive Multi- User Business Learning Environment) enables six participants and a facilitator to enter a VRML world as 3D avatars and work together as a team on a guided task. The project is designed to integrate structured training methods into a sophisticated 3D world where the participants are no longer working in the same location. Since virtual, distributed work teams are replacing many traditional work teams, guidelines need to be developed to make this training effective in this new virtual environment. The CIMBLE prototype and project evaluation data highlight the results of a new effort in this area of online communities.

    CIMBLE is a template for adult learning that accommodates a wide variety of training topics. The initial emphasis is on the soft skills required for effective teamwork. Other topics that may lend themselves well to this mode of learning include hazardous materials training, precision manufacturing, plant operations, military command and control, military field training (other than war scenarios), and group engineering and design applications.

    The Consortium for Advanced Education and Training Technologies (CADETT) is funded by a DARPA grant. The consortium was formed to research advanced and emerging technologies, and study their use in workplace and workforce-development training programs. CIMBLE is one of three prototypes that the CADETT team is developing.

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