“Isle of Write: Communication is the Landscape” by Seligmann and Laporte

  • ©Dorèe Duncan Seligmann and Cati Laporte



    Isle of Write: Communication is the Landscape

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    DIgital Pavilion

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    Bell Laboratories


    The Isle of Write is a dynamic VRML world for temporal messaging based on the metaphors of writing in the sand and skywriting. Adapted for the SIGGRAPH 98 community, it provides alternatives to the physical message boards, programs and calendars, hand- written posters announcing new Birds of a Feather (BOF) meetings, etc. typically used by attendees.

    Over the last few years, we have been exploring new modes of interaction and developing metaphorical worlds whose primary landscape is comprised of communication objects. The Isle of Write is an island surrounded by an animated seascape. Its beach is the surface of several bulletin boards, and the sky is the surface on which broadcast messages are written. Visitors post messages using the SandTypewriter, and they dispatch the skywriting plane with the SkyWriter. Other conference materials populate the island, including paper abstracts printed on flying LiveWebStationery, BOF updates in SandCastles, and campfires fed by log statistics.

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