“MicroDisplay Camera Phone” by Silman

  • ©Stephanie Silman



    MicroDisplay Camera Phone

Program Title:

    DIgital Pavilion

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    The MicroDisplay Company


    The MicroDisplay Camera Phone is an innovative, interactive demonstration created to illustrate the potential of the convergence of telecommunications, computer, and information technology.

    At SIGGRAPH 98, attendees have the opportunity to make virtual calls with the Camera Phone, viewing real-time video on the phone’s tiny display. When speaking normally into the phone, the user views live video images communicated to the phone’s virtual viewer by the camera, which is directed to gather images from the user’s field of view. Other visitors can participate in the virtual calls by viewing the same video feed on large, stationary monitors.

    The MicroDisplay Camera Phone invites visitors to participate in a world where it is possible to transfer images, whether faxes or photographs, Web imagery or text, across distances not crossed by wires or cables.

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