“Micro Archiving: Virtual Environments for Micro-Presence with Image-Based Model Acquisition” by Saito

  • ©Tatsuya Saito

  • ©Tatsuya Saito


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    Micro Archiving: Virtual Environments for Micro-Presence with Image-Based Model Acquisition




    This experience allows visitors to visualize and interact with microscopic structures that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but that commonly exist in our everyday surroundings. Through a combination of Micro Archiving and virtual reality technology, it delivers an immersive virtual environment in which participants observe these microscopic structures in a private or collaborative workspace.

    Micro-Presence is our term for the ability to experience these hidden realities. There are many terms that describe experiences of presence other than the real world, in which we feel something through our sensory organs directly. For example, Tele-Presence describes the technology that enables people to feel as if they are actually present in a different place or time. Micro-Presence is an environment in which participants feel as if they are tiny and can observe and interact naturally with things in the microcosmic world.

    With Micro Archiving technology, it is possible to create high definition virtual 3D models that are suitable for academic research in fields such as biology and zoology that require real observation of actual things. For educational use, this technology creates a high-definition multimedia space in which visitors can freely participate and interact with the exhibit.

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