SIGGRAPH 2001: Emerging Technologies


    Welcome to Emerging Technologies for SIGGRAPH 2001!

    Emerging Technologies is always a dynamic collage of hardware, software, and visions into the world of computer graphics and interactive techniques. This year, we celebrate not only the technology we develop to play, but also the play we all enjoy in exploring the challenge of continually advancing the field, inventing entirely new archetypes, and tackling design issues. From lab prototypes to student research projects and industry beta tests, Emerging Technologies allows you to get your hands on, and your head around, some truly unique visions of the future of technology, as well as some solid examples of the state of the art right now. Everything from display systems to interfaces, robotics, collaboration, simulation, music, and online applications is available for exploration. With submissions from around the world, from a diverse array of fields, I hope that you not only have fun, but that you also see exciting visions of the future that inspire you to think about the effect your work will have in the future of emergent technologies.

    Mk Haley
    SIGGRAPH 2001 Emerging Technologies Chair
    Walt Disney Imagineering

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    A special thanks to the teams at AVW and Freeman, and the SIGGRAPH 2001 Conference Committee for inspiration and collaboration, and a lot of sweat.

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