“Grimage: Markerless 3D Interactions” by Allard, Menier, Raffin, Boyer and Faure

  • ©Jérémie Allard, Clément Menier, Bruno Raffin, Edmond Boyer, and François Faure

  • ©Jérémie Allard, Clément Menier, Bruno Raffin, Edmond Boyer, and François Faure

  • ©Jérémie Allard, Clément Menier, Bruno Raffin, Edmond Boyer, and François Faure


Entry Number: 11


    Grimage: Markerless 3D Interactions




    Grimage glues multi-camera 3D modeling, physical simulation and parallel execution for a new immersive experience. Put your hands or any object into the interaction space. It is instantaneously modeled in 3D and injected into a virtual world populated with solid and soft objects. Push them, catch them and squeeze them.

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  • Markerless 3D Modeling
  • 3D Interactions
  • Soft Objects Simulation
  • Multi-cameras
  • PC Cluster

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    ©Jérémie Allard, Clément Menier, Bruno Raffin, Edmond Boyer, and François Faure ©Jérémie Allard, Clément Menier, Bruno Raffin, Edmond Boyer, and François Faure


      Thanks to all people that participated to the development of the various components of this project: Nicolas Turro, INRIA, Florian Geffray, INRIA, David Knossow, INRIA, Everton Hermann, INRIA, Jean-François Cuniberto, INRIA, Fredéric Devernay, INRIA, Remi Ronfard, INRIA, Herv Mathieu, INRIA, Stéphane Cotin, CIMIT, Pierre-Jean Bensoussan, INRIA, François Poyer, INRIA, Christian Duriez, INRIA, Hervé Delingette, INRIA, Laurent Grisoni, INRIA. This work was supported by our institutions: INRIA, U-Grenoble, the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble (LIG), the Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK), and MGH/CIMIT. These works have been partly funded by the RNTL project Geobench, the ACI Cyber-II, the ACI Ocetre, the ARA DALIA, the European project Holonics and the European project Odyseus


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