“MindSet: Neurological Man/Machine Interfacing, An Emergent Technology From Human-Dolphin Interaction Research” by Cole

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    MindSet: Neurological Man/Machine Interfacing, An Emergent Technology From Human-Dolphin Interaction Research

Program Title:

    The Edge


Project Affiliation:

    AquaThought Foundation


    The AquaThought Foundation’s research in neurological imaging has led to the development of MindSet, a low-cost neuromapping electroencephalograph that makes advanced EEG research accessible. Designed for research and clinical use, MindSet incorporates the latest EEG signal analysis processes and a complete suite of standard neurological protocols. It accommodates the novice user as well, with an easy-to-use interface and a hyperlinked neurological anatomy database.

    Advanced features of the MindSet system include real-time 2D and 3D topographic visualization, neurometric analysis, routine EEG study, phase coherence analysis, compressed spectral array visualization, inter-electrode interpolation, a hyperlinked neurological anatomy database, MIDIbot™ feedback, neural network feature extraction, a light and sound machine interface, and a visual programming interface for user-defined analysis (neurohacking). The MIDIbot™ tool allows MindSet users to generate MIDI commands from temporal, spectral, and spatial information within the EEG data.

    As an educational resource, MindSet offers the user hyperlinked neurological anatomy information that can be accessed by clicking on a topographic montage. Potential applications for MindSet include clinical neurology, conventional and obscure brain/ mind research, man/machine interface research, biofeedback, and discrete biological pattern recognition research.

    The Exhibit
    MindSet’s primary focus in the this exhibit is man/machine neural interfacing. Using the neural-event and gesture-recognition functions, in combination with the MIDIbot™ interface, users can control a MIDI synthesizer and laser light show. Users also learn to recognize the appearance of various neurological events as they are visualized on the topographic display. EEG data are collected throughout the exhibit and complied into a QuickTime/AVI movie entitled, “Minds on The Edge” or a before-and-after topographic still compilation entitled, “This is your brain… This is your brain on SIGGRAPH.” Also on display: several research projects that have been made possible by MindSet, including AquaThought’s own human-dolphin interaction research. Attendees can examine how neuroscience is converging with visual and musical art, consciousness research, and virtual reality.


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