“Mind Garden” by Kaul

  • ©Paras Kaul


Entry Number: 21


    Mind Garden

Program Title:

    Electric Garden



Project Affiliation:

    University of California Santa Barbara


    Mind Garden is a three-dimensional audio, visual, and neurolinguistic journey through a fractal garden environment. Using MindSet, a state-of- the-art interactive brainwave software, human brainwaves activate fractal forms, sounds, and words as objects in this VRML world. Growth in the Mind Garden is viewable on the World Wide Web and can be monitored at the Mind Garden Web site:

    http:/ /www.leonardo.net/virtualdesign.

    The project combines the technologies associated with EEG, digital brain- wave analysis, system design, the World Wide Web, and the synthesis of digital audio, visual, and linguistic media. Participants are asked to relax and focus their attention, which generates frequency variations in their brainwave signals, which in turn determine forms, sounds, and word objects.

    The journey is determined by the brainwave activity derived from each user’s own imagination. Participants who predominantly signal theta wave activity will experience a journey of greater complexity and focus, and participants experiencing beta brainwave activity may find the journey confusing and/or uneventful. The challenge is to experience the garden as controlled by theta and delta brainwave activity, thus perceiving a deeper and more complex view of the simulated reality. The goal is to achieve the ultimate experience in the Mind Garden by tuning one’s frequencies to the deepest level.

    The journey is best when participants have no food or alcohol in their digestive systems prior to their interactive experience.


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