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    My Little Alien


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  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    An Explorer lands on an alien planet and discovers an egg-like spaceship. A little baby alien wakes up from his hibernation and mistakes the Explorer for his parent. The Explorer backs off, but the little alien is desperate for love and affection and won’t give up so easily. When the Explorer orders him to leave, the little alien returns to his spaceship with tears in his eyes. But the Explorer feels guilty and decides to befriend him, so the little alien sends a signal to his spaceship. Suddenly, the mother ship erupts through the ground! Hundreds of little aliens cheer as they meet their new “parent.”


    Indigo2 Extreme, 200 MHZ IP Processor


    Alias|Wavefront Power Animator 8.1

Additional Contributors:

    Written, Directed, Animated and Produced by Kelvin Lee

    Music: Nathan Wang

    Technical Supervisor: Manny Wong

    Technical Assistants: Chris Juen, Anthony Serenil, Gerardo De La Cruz

    Video Editors: Ron Vargas, Ray Wong

    Film Recorders: Dennis Webb, Derrick Quarles

    Special Thanks: Max Lee, John Matthews, Harry Walton, Eric Armstrong, Henry Anderson, Barry Weiss, Don Levy, Sande Scoredos, Tim Douglas, Dominick Cecere, David Vallone, Todd Wilderman, David Schaub, Delio Tramontozzi, Emmanuel Mogenet, Rich Cole, Frank Foster, Cathy Naugle, and Sony Pictures

    Dedicated to Max Lee, who inspired the story

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