“My Favorite Martian” by Tippett Studio

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    My Favorite Martian

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  • Tippett Studio


    This intergalactic comedy based on the classic television series follows the hilarious adventures of a Martian whose spaceship has crash landed on Earth. Tippett Studio used computer graphic technologies to model, animate, light, and composite the spacesuit (Zoot) and the Lizzie Monster. It was a special challenge for the Tippett Studio crew to give Zoot, a headless, handless, feetless character entirely made out of fabric, a distinctive personality. Several techniques were combined to successfully give Zoot his many playful, graceful, and mischievous character traits.

Additional Contributors:

    Character Animation: Tippett Studio

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Phil Tippett

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Craig Hayes

    Visual Effects Producer: Jules Roman

    Animation Supervisors: Trey Stokes, Thomas Schelesney

    Compositing Supervisor: Brennan Doyle

    CG Supervisor: Greg Butler

    Digital Lighting Supervisor: Greg Butler

    Animation Department Head: Jeremy Cantor

    Senior Character Animators: Blair Clark, Pete Konig

    Character Animators: Bobby Beck, Tom Gibbons, Bart Goldman, Eric Leven, Randy Link, Joseph Littlejohn, Mark Schreiber, Tanya Spence, Jesse Sugarman, Robin Watts

    Art Department Supervisor: Paula Lucchesi

    Lead Digital Painter: Belinda Van Valkenburg

    Digital Painters: Helen Verhoeven, Grace Murphy, Ease Owyeung, Sabrina Riegel, Merrick Cheney

    Digital Lighting Department Head: Julie Newdoll

    Senior Digital Lighting: Steve Reding, Allison Torres

    Digital Lighting: Desiree Mourad, Frank Petzold, Jeff Raymond, Saba Rofchaei, Suzanne Smith, Matthew Welker

    Lead Digital Effects Animator: Darby Johnston

    Digital Effects Animator: Al Arthur

    Digital Composers: Alan Boucek, Bill Eyler, Peter Juneau, Alfred Murrle, Jeff Sargent, Guerdon Trueblood, Colin Epstein, Charles Granich, Jim McVay, Zoe Peck, Russ Sueyoshi

    Visual Effects Production Manager: Alonzo Ruvalcaba

    Lead Digital Effects Coordinator: Suzanne Lowe

    Visual Effects Coordinators: Molly Lynch, Eve Sakellariou

    Assistant Coordinator: Eva Sollberger

    Operations Manager: Jeff Stringer

    Production Accountant: Suzanne Niki Yoshii

    Match Movers: Aaron Kohr, Betsy McClung, Chris Paizis, Charles Rose

    Digital Post Camera: Mike Palmieri

    Digital Roto Supervisor: Joanne Ladolcetta

    Digital Roto: John Dunlap, Matt Jacobs, Matt Logue, Stephanie Modestowicz, Cathy Waterman, Ann Rockwell

    Software Development Manager: Kimberly Allen

    Software Developers: Deborah Carlson, Douglas Creel, Blossom Merz, Adrienne Othon

    Film I/O Supervisor: David Rosenthal

    Digital Scanner Operator: Stephen Stanton

    Color Correction: Page Frakes, Haunt Rama

    Digital Camera Operator: Darren Jones

    Film I/O Coordinator: Vicki Wong

    Visual Effects Editor: Maia Veres

    Visual Effects Assistant Editors: Renee Binkowski, Thomas Krebs

    Systems Manager: Xian Rice

    Data Administrator: Jeff Johnson

Animation / Video Overview: