“The Story of Computer Graphics” by Foster

  • ©Frank Foster  SIGGRAPH

  • ©Frank Foster  SIGGRAPH


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    The Story of Computer Graphics


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    From its early development as an obscure topic of research to its widely accepted role as an important communication tool, computer graphics has a rich history of human accomplish-ment. This movie attempts to document some of the most com-pelling stories behind the striking graphics and technology that we take for granted in today’s imagery. This is the “human” story of the pioneers who are revolutionizing visual communi-cation, through a community with its own unique culture.

    The Story of Computer Graphics chronicles the history of the industry, its impact on society, and the excitement of future possibilities. As an official SIGGRAPH history project, care was taken to produce a lasting document that will inform and inspire for generations to come, and appeal to a broad audi-ence beyond the computer graphics community.

    The documentary educates the general public about computer graphics. It would be suitable for presentation at educational institutions of all levels. It also benefits the computer graphics community by increasing awareness of the history, impact and direction of computer graphics. This awareness will increase employers’ understanding of the special needs and situations of employees working in computer graphics.

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    The following companies and organizations are sponsors of The Story of Computer Graphics: ACM SIGGRAPH, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Alias|Wavefront, The Art Institutes International, auto·des·sys, Inc., AVW Audio Visual, Be, Inc., Computer Graphics Pioneers, The Computer Museum, Cinesite Visual Effects, Cogswell Polytechnical College, Computer Graphics World, ELSA, Inc., Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation, Fraunhofer IGD and Center for Research in Computer Graphics, Freeman Decorating Company, GW Hannaway & Assoc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Industrial Light & Magic, Intel, Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company, KLiK Animation, Lucent Technologies Bell Labs, Microsoft Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Research National, Computer Graphics Association, National Science Foundation, Pacific Interface, Inc., Pinnacle Systems, Pixar Animation Studios, PixelFusion Ltd., Q LTD, Rhythm & Hues, Inc., Sony Pictures Imageworks, Sony High Definition Center, Square USA, The Walt Disney Company

    Content Committee: In April 1997, the content committee met with the movie production team and generated 40 pages of content. This content was used as a resource during script development.The content committee also checked the final script for errors or omissions.

    Gwen Bell, Nelson Max, Chase Chasen, Dick Phillips, Alain Chesnais, Patric Prince, Nick England, Alvy Ray Smith, Mike Wozny

    Creator: Walt Bransford

    Executive Producer (Content): Carl Machover

    Executive Producer (for SIGGRAPH Studios): John Hart

    Producer: Steve Silas

    Co-Producer: Joan Collins

    Director: Frank Foster

    Writer: Judson Rosebush

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