“Mighty Joe Young – Research and Development Highlights” by Industrial Light & Magic

  • ©Christian Rouet  Industrial Light & Magic



    Mighty Joe Young - Research and Development Highlights


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    ILM’s digital fur technology was initially developed for the movie Jumanji and has been significantly improved since then. It recently reached new levels of realism with the computer generated gorilla in Mighty Joe Young. The various steps involved in creation of Joe are illustrated with actual snapshots of CG applications entirely developed by the Research and Development Department at ILM, from modeling, skinning, and texturing to fur controls and rendering.

    The entire piece was edited in Loupe and is best displayed at 24 fps from the live high-resolution video output of a Silicon Graphics O2 workstation.

Additional Contributors:

    Concept and Editing: Christian Rouet

    Modeling Sequence: Nicolas Popravka

    Skinning and Cycle Sequences: Vishwa Ranjan

    Horse Removal Sequence: Rod Bogart, Steve Sullivan

    3D Painting Sequence: Eric Schafer

    Fur Rendering Sequence: Florian Kainz, Carl Frederick

    Hair Animation Sequence: John Anderson

    Real-Time Layout and Formatting: Vincent Toscano

    A very special thank you to all the digital artists and the entire ILM Visual Effects Production Team for their work on Mighty Joe Young, and for their great help and support: Vicki Dobbs Beck, Brian Brecht, Matthew Davies, Nancy Luckoff, Yves Metraux, Beth Sasseen.

    ILM R&D Department: John Anderson, David Benson, Rod Bogart,
    John Horn, Jim Hourihan, Zoran Kacic-Alesic, Florian Kainz, Cary Phillips, Nicolas Popravka, Vishwa Ranjan, Christian Rouet, Alan Trombla, Eric Schafer, Steve Sullivan, Vincent Toscano, Jeffery Yost

Animation / Video Overview: