“Saving Private Ryan” by Industrial Light & Magic

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    Saving Private Ryan

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    ILM was called on to recreate Omaha Beach on the third day after the Allied Forces’ D-Day invasion. Motion-control passes of the empty beach were composited with motion-control pass-es of thousands of soldiers. Hundreds of computer-generated period ships were animated and rendered. A combination of CG, digital matte, and proprietary Sabre system techniques were used to complete the “story-telling” shot.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Stefen Fangmeier

    Co-Visual Effects Supervisor: Roger Guyett

    Visual Effects Producer: Kim Bromley

    Associate Visual Effects Producer: Heather Smith

    Visual Effects Art Director: Alexander Laurant

    Color Timing Supervisor: Kenneth Smith

    CG Sequence Supervisor: Gregor Lakner

    Sabre Supervisor: Pablo Helman

    CG Artists: Kathleen Beeler, Terry Chostner, Gonzalo Escudero, Bridget Maria Goodman, Joanne Hafner, Mary McCulloch, Jennifer Devar McKnew, Christa Starr, Paul Theren

    Sabre Artists: Caitlin Content, Chad Taylor

    Digital Matte Artist: Matthew Hendershot

    Visual Effects Production Coordinator: Lori Arnold

    Visual Effects Editor: Bill Kimberlin

    Scanning Supervisor: Josh Pines

    Visual Effects Camera Operator: Martin Rosenberg

    Visual Effects Camera Assistant: Robert Hill

    Lead Effects Technician: Geoff Heron

    Effects Technician: Dan Nelson

    Stage Technicians: Carl Assmus, Berny Demolski, Robert Doherty

    Film Scanning Operator: George Gambetta

    Negative Line-up: Tim Geiderman

    Plate Restoration: Trang Bach-Jasko

    Digital Production: Kathleen Michele Davidson, Jennifer Gonzalez, Garrick Meeker, Erin West

    Digital Technologies: Danny J. Lee, Jeffrey Yost

    Visual Effects Production Assistant: Amanda K. Montgomery

Animation / Video Overview: