“Emergence” by Allen

  • ©Rebecca Allen

  • ©Rebecca Allen


    Emergence is a PC-based, real-time 3D software system that explores the role of human presence in a world of artificial life. A unique interface system utilizes voice input and a haptic device for tactile feedback. Novel forms of communication between human participants and artificial life forms include symbolic and expressive sounds, gestures, and movements.

    A proprietary 3D engine handles rendering and display of 3D, texture-mapped characters and environments, and a physics-based behavior system that enables complex behaviors and interactions between all objects in the environment. A high-level behavior scripting language allows for specification of behaviors and relationships between characters. Sounds are linked to objects and characters to enhance the sense of life and space.

    This work is partially funded by a research grant from Intel Corporation.

Other Information:

    Rebecca Allen

    Eitan Mendelowitz
    Loren McQuade
    John Ying

    World Designers
    Daniel Shiplacoff
    Damon Seeley
    Jino Ok
    Pete Conolly
    Vanessa Zuloaga
    Karen Yoo
    Rico Magsipoc
    Josh Nimoy

    Sound Design
    Mark Mothersbaugh
    Mutato Musika

    Additional Sound
    Jay Flood


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