SIGGRAPH 1999: Emerging Technologies: The Millennium Hotel


    Where digital and human guests reconsider, rework, and reinterpret everyday life in alternative future formats.

    In this parallel universe, only a quantum leap away from “old” routines, data spawn digital life forms that exchange genetic codes and reproduce in evolving mutations. Guests create 3D surfaces by moving their hands through space, interact with intelligent objects to assemble complex models, and conduct a virtual orchestra. They gather at The Pool to share stories with interactive digital images of their friends, enjoy a smart drink, eavesdrop on distant conversations, and observe Shooting Stars before they check out 21st-century NightLife.

    The occupants of the Millennium Motel include some of the world’s most interesting researchers, whose dreams generate surprising departures in music, buildings, sculpture, and storytelling. Although their areas of interest range from ubiquitous computing to augmented reality, immersive displays, and intelligent characters, they all share a deep commitment to creating meaningful experiences and communicating their visions of future realities.

    We all owe these explorers a debt of gratitude for their imagination, talent, dedication, and willingness to share their achievements in SIGGRAPH 99’s Millennium Motel.

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    Carolina Cruz-Neira

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