“City of News” by Sparacino and Schwartz

  • ©Flavia Sparacino and Steven J. Schwartz

  • ©Flavia Sparacino and Steven J. Schwartz

  • ©Flavia Sparacino and Steven J. Schwartz


Entry Number: 28


    City of News




    This immersive, interactive, and dynamically growing 3D web browser fetches and displays URLs to form skyscrapers and alleys of text and images that participants visit as if they were exploring an urban landscape of information. The system starts with a wireframe floor map of a chosen city or area. As participants follows paths, a virtual 3D Web-based world of information is built dynamically. City of News takes advantage of human abilities to remember the surrounding 3D spatial layout, helps participants recall and group information. And it invites them to create mental associations between information and geography as if they were living in a customized memory palace.

    City of News is presented with two technologies:

    1. A projected map of the chosen location. Participants walk on the map and trigger dynamic growth of a 3D Web World by walking along areas of interest. The sensing system is an untethered, wireless, real-time computer vision system that tracks position and gesture.

    2. A wearable computer that allows participants to physically wander through the Millennium Motel. Based on their location, the wearable computer uses a combination of micro display, wireless spread spectrum, and embedded RISC processors to deliver text, graphics, sound, and video information.

    The entire system is fabricated using soft modular packaging bonded with flexible interconnections. The electronic systems are highly integrated into a comfortable lining for use with a vest or jacket. They convert the wearer into a mobile internet node.


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