“R O U T E 6 6” by Lasry, Szecket and Prentiss

  • ©Ronen Lasry, Daniel Szecket, and Jennifer Prentiss

  • ©Ronen Lasry, Daniel Szecket, and Jennifer Prentiss

  • ©Ronen Lasry, Daniel Szecket, and Jennifer Prentiss


Entry Number: 11


    R O U T E 6 6



    R O U T E 6 6 is a live, interactive, MIDI-driven, 3D world created for The
    Millennium Motel. It is the world outside the motel, an ever-changing environment that can be transformed by visitors using MIDI interfaces linked to SideEffects Houdini software and driven by Intergraph workstations.

    The main display, located at the motel’s entrance, is composed of five side-by-side projected screens that create a surreal panoramic desert landscape.

    Some of the interactions include:
    • A panoramic environment with a full 360 degrees of navigation
    • Animated interactive elements such as UFOs, wildlife, etc.
    • Changing landscapes
    • Seasonal changes
    • Eclipses
    • Comets
    • Weather changes (rain, snow, fog, lightning)
    • Day/night
    • Interactive trees (shedding and growing elements)
    • Sound effects
    • Overlay graphics

    The R O U T E 6 6 landscape is interspersed with “windows” to video feeds. When visitors open the “windows,” they reveal video loops, cameras pointing at other locations in the space (live video feeds of The Millennium Motel and other areas of SIGGRAPH 99), and typical motel TV. Fog machines create a 3D element in the foreground, allowing for 3D projected effects.

Other Information:

    Neon Fountain, Liquid Light Sculpture Series,
    Cascading water, acrylic, liquid polymer,
    neon and electronics.

    Portal to the Millennium Motel, Space Design,
    Spandex, lasers, intelligent light, high-voltage
    electronic devices


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