“LEON” by Goldberg, Blau and Butler

  • ©Athomas Goldberg, Brian Blau, and Mitch Butler


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    Lurking in the shadows of the Millennium Motel are some familiar faces (to anyone who attended the SIGGRAPH 98 Electronic Theater). Leon, last seen in Mitch Butler’s “The Smell of Horror,” and other mysterious characters have checked into the Motel, where they’re checking out the guests who are checking out the fantastic array of emerging technologies.

    “Leon in the Millennium Motel” is a joint project of IMPROV Technologies, Inc. and the Mitch Butler Company, and was created using the IMPROV Real-Time Animation System developed at New York University’s Media Research Laboratory.

Other Information:

    Executive Producers
    Brian Blau and Athomas Goldberg

    Artistic Director
    Mitch Butler

    Production support provided by students in the
    graduate animation program of New York
    University’s Tisch School of the Arts.


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