“The Luminous Room: Some of It, Anyway” by Underkoffler

  • ©John Underkoffler

  • ©John Underkoffler


Entry Number: 06


    The Luminous Room: Some of It, Anyway




    When the CRT breaks open and the pixels inside leak out to stain everything: one of the results can be a Luminous Room.

    When graphical display is not only free to occur on any surface in the room but can also react to what’s happening at those surfaces and within the space, certain kinds of usefulness may ensue.

    When the behavior of these environmental pixels accretes especially around physical objects that act, to localize meaning and focus the expression of participants’ intent, an interaction style called luminous-tangible prevails.

    When one conclusion of all this is that a large class of spatially oriented design and experimentation activities can be served by luminous-tangible techniques, real architectural models begin to cast accurate shadows and hydrodynamically divert simulated airflow; cheap little models of lasers and mirrors and lenses begin to emit and bounce and spread visibly simulated beams of light.


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