“The Living Room: A Narrative Installation Puzzle” by Fang

  • ©Victoria Fang


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    The Living Room: A Narrative Installation Puzzle


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    Parsons School of Design


    “The Living Room” arises from interests in narrative gaming and theatre. It is designed as an entertainment experience that focuses on the cathartic release of built-up emotional tension, through the use of digital video and wireless technology. In bringing puzzle gaming to the realm of a narrative physical installation, “The Living Room” is designed to take the user through a spatial journey of challenge and reward, suspense and revelation, tension and release. It aims to address the following questions:

    How does mobile technology change the ways in which classical forms of cathartic entertainment, particularly theatre and puzzle games, can be realized?

    How can one create a successful, coherent, and rich interactive piece using the combined elements of storytelling, game play, and mobile technology?


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