“Mirror_SPACE Project” by Zics

  • ©Brigitta Zics

  • ©Brigitta Zics


Entry Number: 13


    Mirror_SPACE Project


Project Affiliation:

    University of Wales


    Interactive networked installation, which projects a personal, virtual mirror-image onto the screen, with the aid of the combination of the face of the visitor and data collected simultaneously from the Internet. This image behaves like the physical presence of a real mirror-image: it changes its position, dimensions and features according to the movement of the viewer. The common mirror-representations of individual visitors also interact with each other, and their audiovisual representation is perceivable as within the “mirror-space”. The “mirror-image” is active and alterable as long as the visitor remains in the data-space of the installation. When the visitor departs, the image, as her/his “impression”, remains and continues to move together with other representations. The mirror-images of the previous viewers disappear finally when the images of new visitors appear on the screen.

    Mirror_SPACE is a virtual mirror where users can experience their image transformed – not according to the rules of geometric optics, but filtered by a “real time scanning apparatus”. This generates the visitor’s “mirror image” corresponding to the information supplied via its data network.


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