“Microworlds, Sirens, and Argonauts” by Simó

  • ©Águeda Simó


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    Microworlds, Sirens, and Argonauts




    Microworlds, Sirens, and Argonauts is a fantastic journey through multi-scale microscopic worlds that grow and transform as users interact with them, revealing new patterns, structures, and sounds. It introduces the concept of “living narrative landscapes:” virtual spaces that allow users to successfully construct their own navigational maps and build their own representational models that can coexist with the narrative of the environments. Thus, the virtual space becomes a living narrative landscape as the Argonauts (users) navigate along time and space, taking part in the complex visual and aural behaviors of the environments.

    The environments mirror reality by containing rich experiences at multiple scales. Sometimes, we do not perceive diminutive worlds that could have existed, now exist, or will exist, because of their very small resolution. As in nature, users can explore the essence of these structures and patterns.

    “Attractors” help users navigate, like the Sirens in Jason’s famous Greek voyage. In this case, however, the Sirens facilitate navigation with their songs and magnetism. Their songs are spatialized so users can follow virtual “musical maps” that change as the melodies evolve with the users’ behavior.To improve navigation and interaction with virtual objects, the Sirens can modify various environment parameters such as sensor sensitivity and interocular distance, among others.

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    Spatial Audio Server (SAS), donated by Fraunhofer
    Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung


    The Labyrinth Project


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