“Mid-Air Interaction with a 3D Aerial Display” by Hunter, Azuma, Moisant-Thompson, MacLeod and Disanjh

  • ©Seth Hunter, Ronald Azuma, Jonathan Moisant-Thompson, Dave MacLeod, and Derek Disanjh

  • ©Seth Hunter, Ronald Azuma, Jonathan Moisant-Thompson, Dave MacLeod, and Derek Disanjh


Entry Number: 17


    Mid-Air Interaction with a 3D Aerial Display



    We present a re-imaged swept volume display enabling mid-air interaction with 3D floating objects without requiring a headmounted apparatus. The presence of the volume is so strong that everyone reaches out to touch it, at which point the illusion is broken. To resolve this, we implemented interaction techniques to mitigate occlusion conflicts between the hand and virtual volume during direct manipulation. Our long term goal is to prototype direct spatial 3D manipulation techniques that highlight direct manipulation scenarios such as viewing 3D scans, previewing 3d prints, and product design visualization.


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