“MicroTips: Augmenting Information for Microscopic Inspection” by Chung, Yun and Bang

  • ©Jungman Chung, Kyungwon Yun, and Hyunwoo Bang

  • ©Jungman Chung, Kyungwon Yun, and Hyunwoo Bang


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    MicroTips: Augmenting Information for Microscopic Inspection



    In the micro-scale world, it is difficult to add sufficient information to users due to the restriction of size in micro manufacture processes. Unlike macroscopic objects in the scale of the human’s eye, simply printing some texts to micro-scale objects requires much effort (Hanson and others, 2011), resulting in significant increase of production costs. This aspect of the micro-scale objects may reduce the quality of user experience for those who inspect artificial micro-scale objects with microscopes.

    Authors were previously investigated the possibilities of the augmented reality in the microscopic area (Yun and others, 2013). In this study, we broaden the concept of the microscopic augmented reality and demonstrate image-based augmented reality applications for the inspection of microscopic components. Using MicroTips, users can be provided with augmented information as virtual images overlaid on top of the original video fed from the microscope. Supported by this augmented reality aids, such as virtual assembly guides, electric connections or specification of micro-components, the inspection of the microscopic world could be enriched.


    Hanson L, Cui L, Xie C, Cui B. 2011. A microfluidic positioning chamber for long term live cell imaging. Microscopy Research and Technique 74(6):496-501.

    Yun K, Chung J, Park Y, Lee B, Lee WG, Bang H. 2013. Microscopic augmented-reality indicators for long-term live cell time-lapsed imaging. Analyst.

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©Jungman Chung, Kyungwon Yun, and Hyunwoo Bang ©Jungman Chung, Kyungwon Yun, and Hyunwoo Bang


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