Eitan Mendelowitz

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  • Mount Holyoke College, UCLA Department of Computer Science, Computer Science, Visiting Assistant Professor


  • Springfield, Massachusetts, United States of America



  • As an transdisciplinary artist, Eitan explores the cultural implications of the algorithmic creation of meaning while exposing the wonder inherent in the generation of knowledge. His process blends performance, generative literature, gameplay, installation, and visual arts, with embodied interaction, physical interfaces and artificial intelligence to create works situated at the intersections of computer science and the arts. His work articulates the expressive potential of artificial intelligence as a newly emerging cultural form.

    Eitan’s work has been shown internationally at venues including SIGGRAPH, ArtFutura, ArsElectronica, and the Beall Center.

    Eitan is Visiting Assistant Professor at Mount Holyoke College where his creative research and art production inform his teaching of algorithmic art and computer science. Eitan holds a PhD (2009) from UCLA in computer science and a MFA (2002) in design | media arts.



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