“Der Eindecker Walzer” by Dentsu Inc.

  • ©Hitoshi Oneda  Dentsu Inc.



    Der Eindecker Walzer


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  • Dentsu Inc.


    It is sad that so soon after the Wright brothers, humankind would be engaged in slaughtering each other, in what was until then the un-bloodied sanctuary of the air.This piece is dedicated to “those whose only wish was to fly.”

    The Fokker Eindeckers were the deadly carriers of the “Fokker Scourge.” As airplanes, they were technically inferior, but they were one of the first aircraft equipped with a machine gun designed to shoot through the propeller. Despite this dubious distinction, the monoplane Eindecker is known for its simplicity in design. The airplane dances to Johann Strauss’s “Kunstlerleben,” which was an extremely popular waltz during the Great War.


    The animation is entirely CG, rendered in DV format. It was modeled, animated, and rendered on Lightwave.

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