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    Inspector Gadget

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    Inspector Gadget, Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action version
    of the Saturday morning cartoon, follows the escapades of the hapless Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) and his nemesis, the villainous Claw (Rupert Everett).

    Dream Quest Images produced the CG deployment of Gadget’s many physical extensions: the Gadgetcopter’s animated blades and rotors, the Gadgetmobile’s animated multi-stage jet engine, Gadget’s Swiss Army knife-like finger extensions and his hat-mounted 3D rocket launcher. RoboGadget, the inspector’s evil clone, is similarly outfitted with an arsenal of darkly comical chrome weaponry.

    This episode focuses on a showdown with RoboGadget on a suspension bridge. Gadget inflates his airbag overcoat and, after bouncing crazily from the cables, shoots to the upper deck of the bridge. This CG character was modeled in Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator, inverse kinematics were done in Maya, and the shot was rendered in Renderman. Matthew Broderick’s face was shot separately against greenscreen and composited onto the character.

    Alias|Wavefront Maya Cloth was used to recreate and extend Gadget’s clothing as his 14-foot 3D leg extensions ratchet skyward. These shots were created by placing Matthew Broderick on 3-foot painter’s stilts and having him run on a treadmill against greenscreen. Digital legs were tracked and animated, and parts of Broderick’s body were manipulated on the live-action plate to exaggerate his body language.


    Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator, Maya, Renderman, Alias|Wavefront Maya Cloth

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Richard Hoover

    Visual Effects Producer: Liz Ralston

    Animation Supervisor: Chris Bailey

    Digital Producer: Kristina Reed

    Digital Effects Supervisor: Darin Hollings

    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Marlo Pabon

    3D Supervisor: John Murrah

    Supervising Animator: Rob Dressel

    Assistant Compositing Supervisor: Brian Leach

    Lighting Supervisor: Mark Siegel

    Lead Lighter: Colin Eckart

    Lead Modeler: David Mooy

Animation / Video Overview: